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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Helpful links for more information about Ukraine's "Euromaidan" protests

I get a lot of requests from friends who ask how they can become informed and follow the current protests in Kiev and the rest of Ukraine. Accordingly, I put together this list of sites that may help you get started if you want to know more, watch and support the brave people of Ukraine as they try to unseat their parasitical, incredibly corrupt President Yanukovych, who has stolen billions (yes, BILLIONS) of dollars from Ukraine's treasury and destroyed the nation's economy since he took office in 2010.

Payback time for Yanukovych family - where the graft money goes:

Yanukovych financial holdings exposed:

Good essay describing why Ukraine matters:

Fine article explains why Ukrainians protest in freezing weather:

Ukrainian journalist publishes addresses of overseas homes and businesses owned by government officials:

Excellent News site in Ukrainian with live streamed news, often translated into English:

Best English language web site covering Ukraine developments:

Radio Free Europe, corporate site formerly run by CIA but now widely regarded as independent and  credible news source:

Here's a site that is a sort of social media aggregator focused on Euromaidan events:

This site has recordings of actual Berkut riot police radio broadcasts during 11/30 unprovoked attacks on demonstrators and press:

Very moving takeoff on musical Les Miserables by Ukraine Canal5 TV, made to honor Ukrainian protests; you don't need to understand the words to comprehend and be moved by the images:

Collection of aerial views of Maidan protests:

Amazing HD views (with sound) of Maidan protest as seen from small helicopter drone:

Live streams worth following but not always on air:

Another live stream to check out:

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